Test Execution

A variegated amassment of test methods can be executed, on a product. The kinks found would be scrutinised to design a report on defect analysis.

Defect Management

After fixing the identified flaws re-testing is recommended, to track and monitor the defects before submitting the final report and the software.

Test Design

Testing strategy formulation, creating the test traceability matrix, designing different test scenarios and reviewing the test cases are must for test planning.

Requirement Analysis

The requirement analysis embraces the processes of cognising, identifying, verifying and prioritising the requirement of the quality test, based on the distinct risks.

Technology is not only another word of dictionary, but it has secured a place in the heart of small to large businesses. Depending on the business’ arena and environment, the requirements can vary. Whether it is a strenuous job or an uncomplicated one, we believe in maximising the efficiency at minimum cost, providing an enterprise-grade service. Our experts offer field-proven, agile technology. Being specialists, we create a quick, efficient and on-budget project for your business.

Software Testing Services/ QA Services

Ameliorate your software with us

Test your software’s usability, accessibility, compatibility and interoperability with us. We, as a state-of-art company, ensure a cutting-edge end-to-end testing solution for your enterprise. Whether you need manual, automated or semi-automated testing services, you can rely on us indisputably. We have a team of prodigy to analyse and to assure the quality of your product.

Functional Testing

For your unbeatable software, we facilitate inclusive functional specifications which also assimilates the quality analysis of the product against the expectations of the end-user. Our testing service is flexible and economical.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a must for a large scale and intricate project. We are here to assist you in creating an uninterrupted, speedy, flawless and productive application, close to your vision.

Non-Functional Testing

In the non-functional testing, we check the competency of the application, along with its effectiveness, usability, portability, and sustainability. Other than risk minimisation, cost reduction is also incorporated in non-functional testing.

Load and Performance Testing

With our load and performance testing, we ensure that your product and application’s performance is stable under unexpected extreme load conditions including responsiveness, scalability, reliability, stability, speed and resource usage.